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'We Are Your Friends' Flops at the Box Office, Surprised?

We Are Your Friends


Zac Efron in We Are Your Friends (Warner Bros.)

The new DJ centered film titled 'We Are Your Friends' hit theaters this past weekend and was met with a big flop at the box office. It is being reported that the movie only made $1.8M in sales, which isn't the worst flop we've seen in history considering Warner Bros. paid 2M for the film at the American Film Market. With that being said, it is still the worst opening of all time for a studio budget Hollywood film that was available in 2,000 theaters or more.

For those that saw the film, what did you think? Was this a disgrace to the dance music community, was it an accurate description of the industry or was it just a fun, entertaining film from Hollywood? This will be up for debate by fans around the world. We'll let you decide.

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