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Wear Your Drugs, Literally - Molecular Jewelry

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Wear Your Drugs, Literally - Molecule Jewlery

ALine Of Jewelry Inspired By Controlled Substances

There are a lot of terrible jokes we could make about Designer Drugs, the dope new collection of jewelry by Aroha Silhouettes that uses hybrid molecular structures of some pretty notorious controlled substances.

So you can now literally wear your drugs or at least the molecular structure of them. They are really going for it with just about everything you could think of from cocaine to MDMA to THC; it's one hell of a party in theory.

99.9% of the people that see your jewelry are going to have any clue as to what it represents, but hey that's one hell of an ice breaker at the club.

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Wear Your Drugs, Literally - Molecule Jewlery

"You want to check out my drugs," you say, as you hold up your necklace to show your rather bewildered yet slightly anxious target.

It's smart, we will give you that, and it's a hell of a lot safer too. So here are some drugs we can fully get behind, some great designer drugs. Yup, had to.

Check out the full collection at the Aroha Silhouettes website. Don't blame us if you get addicted, not our fault. Yup, another one.

Images: Aroha Silhouettes

Prices Range from for $55-$95.

Headed back to school, need some gear? Check out the graphic tees and other great items at

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