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Where did all the UK clubs go? BBC investigates (video)

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UK club Turnmills in January 2008 along 40 Chancery Lane, the building that replaced it.

This year has been yet another moment of UK club closures: from Plastic People to Madame Jojo's, changing attitudes have coalesced with a wave of gentrification to reshape the UK nightlife landscape.

This long-standing trend has been continuing for a while, with other legendary clubs like The End and Turnmills shutting down earlier in the 2000s. Above, you can see Turnmills alongside its replacement, which is now leased out as the London headquarters for Saatchi & Saatchi. There are now only 1,733 clubs in London compared to 3,144 in 2005, according to the Association of Licensed Multiple Retaliers (ALMR).

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The decline in clubbing's popularity has many factors, but one major cause is the massive rise in festival culture. Across the video, attendees espouse their preference for festivals with simple reasons like "there's a lot more to do" or "the sun's out". At the same time, EDM artists show concern at the changes. "You need to have those bases in order to build, expand, and push this culture forward." remarked Steve Aoki.

Amir Amor from Rudimental got the last word, noting that "now the DJs want main stages in outdoor festivals, it's a cycle that goes into live...and then it will go back into the club". Watch the full mini-doc from the BBC below:

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