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ZHU's Getting CRSSD: Genesys Project This Fall?

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Last week, this allegedly leaked HARD Day of the Dead lineup showed up on Reddit. I thought it looked a bit unlikely, claiming a massive eight-stage fest that's back to HARD's traditional twelve-hour day after the shortened HARD Summer schedule. It purported that an unannounced Zhu: Genisys Project was playing alongside a lot of sweet b2bs (you can see it below). However, when asked for comment by Dancing AstronautZHU denied he was appearing at Day of the Dead, putting the leaked lineup's validity into question:

“HARD Presents has been a valued partner of ZHU’s, especially in ZHU’s North American debut last year. ZHU however will not be appearing at HARD’s Day of the Dead festival. He will be at this year’s CRSSD Festival in San Diego.”

Notably, he ignores their questions regarding the Genisys Project. Considering ZHU's musical output has been limited to remixes since 2014's The Nightday EP, he's probably been working on new material, and his specific drive towards CRSSD fest makes us think he's going to debut whatever new project is up his sleeve there this fall.

Alleged Hard day of the dead lineup


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Alleged lineup for HARD: Day of the Dead 2015, which ZHU has now denied.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut
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