5 Signs That You're Drinking Too Much EDM Koolaid?


Ahhhhhh, E.D.M. The acronym that everyone seems to hype and hate on all at the same time. With any trendy explosion in musical trends, you are going to get a lot of bad with the good. Hip Hop got Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch, Vanilla Ice and a tidal wave of other corny shit that came with its rise in mainstream culture. EDM is just going through the same growing pains, from "bro's" to "Drops" to massively irresponsible substance consumption from uneducated consumers. Are YOU drinking too much EDM Koolaid?

Here are five indicators that you are probably only here because of the hype:

1. You think that the LED walls are more important than the music. You are also the one that probably holds up your fucking phone to record it the whole time too.

2. You NEVER know who is playing on any stage at any time at any festival -- EVER.

3. You only attend festivals to get wasted, take selfies and clog social media with your irritating pictures and stupid comments. (See YOLO, FOMO, etc.)

4. You have absolutely no idea what a DJ does besides making heart shape signs with their hands. (ps. those aren't DJs)

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5. You love 5 or more of the DJs in the DJ Magazine Top 100 Poll - See "DJ Top 100 Remix."

Bonus Round

6. You went to see "We Are Your Friends."

7. You think EDM is a genre in and of itself - See "Stop Calling EDM, EDM."

8. Your outfit is the most important part of your festival experience.

9. You think Electronic Dance Music is a "new" thing.

10. Bye Felicia.

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