Ableton Beatseeker: New Technology for Ableton Live

Ableton Beatseeker

With Ableton Live becoming the industry standard for live performance, the crew over at Ableton have just made a new feature available to it's users. Ableton Beatseeker gives musicians more control over the output of their productions. The new technology allows Ableton Live to pick up the tempo of the musician so that the program follows the performer and not the other way around.

There are 2 modes for this new feature. Users can choose Fixed Tempo Mode which allows the artist to play to a click, while Tempo Following Mode follows the performer instead. What this means is that Ableton Beatseeker will respond to subtle fluctuations and tempo shifts that may occur during live performances. In an industry where producers are choosing to add live instrumentation to their shows, Ableton Beatseeker will aid in the effort of uniting technology with human interaction.

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Watch the video below and see what Ableton Beatseeker can do.

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