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Getting Lost at All Day I Dream of Summertime Blue // NYC Season Closing

ADID Closing Event: Decor

ADID Closing Event: Decor

This past Sunday, I had an incredible time at an event at the Brooklyn Mirage.

All Day I Dream was just that, an entire day devoted to the sensation of being in a tranquil dream surrounded by blessed vibes. 

ADID Closing: Breezy Fabric

Having never attended any of the previous events this past summer, I was not sure what to expect. My thoughts were clouded by my previous experiences at the Brooklyn Mirage and the Cityfox shows held there. However, the event proved to me that a venue is only as good as the way the event is utilizing the space. And boy was it utilized.

Talk about an oasis. ADID really did a number for their final event of the series. The entire venue was decorated beautifully with a simplistic elegance in color schemes. The DJ booth and a portion of the dancing area in front were given a holier-than-thou vibe with intricate carved wooden pillars, flowing colorful fabric blowing in the breeze and lovely paper lanterns that set the mood just right when the sun went down. This may be their signature design, but as a first timer, I found it mesmerizing.

ADID Closing: View from the Tower

The Brooklyn Mirage pop-up venue

It felt like a little NYC Playa… with people dressed exotically and covered in glitter! Those who were FOMO’ing over missing Burning Man this year were given a little Neosporin for the wounds. ADID attendees had a little hit for their BM withdrawal.

Oona Dahl : ADID Closing

Öona Dahl

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Venue decorations aside, the event only had three acts and they really didn't need anymore. Powel opened up the event, followed by Öona Dahl and Lee Burridge. I walked into the venue to him playing and my feet instantly carried my body to front and center, where I began my six hour soul cleansing. Öona Dahl quickly followed suit. Her deep and melodic blends set it off in the best way and she did an incredible job setting the tone. Add on a masterful set by Lee Burridge and the entire dancefloor was taken somewhere beyond space. The sounds that were coming from the speakers and infecting our ears were nothing short of spiritual, uplifting and borderline heavenly. The music had me feeling as if I was part of this giant tribe and with every transition the entire crowd danced in unison. It was a wonderful experience and if you've listened to any of these artists before, you know what I'm talking about.

Oona Dahl on deck

Oona Dahl on deck

The talent and production of All Day I Dream get a whopping standing ovation from me because let’s be real… there was nothing but great vibes spreading throughout the crowd and I could see only smiles and laughter.

The All Day I Dream of Summertime Blue’s Facebook event page is covered in glowing reviews from attendees, however; there were some displeased consumers.

ADID Closing: Show Stoppers

My friends and myself, made it to the event before 4:30PM and were apparently miraculously spared from what seemed to be an almost two-hour (claimed by some) wait to get into the venue, despite pre-sale tickets. Now this is not necessarily an issue that is the fault of the All Day I Dream team, but could have just as easily been a fault with the Brooklyn Mirage’s team. On the other hand, All Day I Dream is a pretty well-sold show based on their past few events so for those who came late, what did you expect? Arrive early, leave late, that's how it should be done.

If people came to an All Day I Dream event expecting a Cityfox Show, then I'm not sorry that some were disappointed. Many have their opinions, but for this reviewer, the show was a success and I only wish that it ended much later because I just couldn't get enough!

Cannot wait for the next season to start, maybe an All Day I Dream: Winter Edition?!

- A big thanks to my friends, who helped me document the event and provided some nice images!

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