All Things Must Pass - Tower Records Documentary

Tower Records Doc

Like time perpetually flowing, movements and fads swiftly come and go, and all things must pass. The title for the new Tower Records documentary is fitting in the sense that when vinyl first became popular it was an exciting way to listen to music and Tower Records was the place to get them. But like many things in life, the vinyl movement would come to pass and technology gave way to a variety of ways of listening to music.

The new documentary titled All Things Must Pass chronicles the life and death of the legendary record shop, Tower Records. The vinyl age ended with Tower Records, but today there seems to be a huge following of vinyl enthusiasts who want to keep the movement alive. Many DJs choose to mix only vinyl in their sets and this has caused a huge resurgence in record shops around the world. I doubt the documentary will touch on the new vinyl era we seem to be in with the state of dance music, but it looks to be an interesting documentary showcasing an important moment in music history.

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Watch the trailer below and see the film upon it's release on October 16th.

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