America's Best DJ?

america's best DJ steve aoki

During the course of the last 3 months DJ Times and Pioneer teamed up to find out who you, the fans, think America's best DJ is. In the end, after numerous ballots were collected at clubs and festivals across the country, Steve Aoki has been crowned the winner.

What does this mean about America's DJs? What does this mean about the fans who voted? There's a gigantic pool of DJs in the states who are extremely talented, but they might be overlooked due to the mainstream spotlight that blinds many consumers. Some reading this might feel that DJ Times and Pioneer got it right, that Steve Aoki really is the best American DJ out there, but some might strongly disagree.

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Over the course of the next few months leading up to the end of the year many publications will be dropping their lists of who had the best year in 2015. These lists are always subjective due to the fact that opinion governs the way we choose who is best. One thing that sticks out regarding this recent news of America's Best DJ is the fact that fans are the ones who chose the victor. We're not sure who voted, but the fans have spoken and Steve Aoki has been crowned the king of America's DJs.

Who would you have chosen?

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