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Artist Focus Chart: Ardalan Picks for Dirtybird Campout


A true artist with impeccable taste, Ardalan has been grabbing our attention with his diverse selections and playful motifs. He's built up a reputation for quality sets that are a must for any fan of techy rhythms, with a touch of hip-hop influence and a solid bass-line. He's the perfect artist to showcase in our Artist Focus series, especially with the inaugural Dirtybird Campout coming up in October.

With this chart he's given us a collection of his favorite campout tracks that features timeless hip-hop from the Pharcyde, Dirtybird favorites Justin Martin and Kill Frenzy as well as some dreamy underground techno from Portable Sunsets. This is easily one of our favorite charts we've ever had the pleasure of sharing. Enjoy the journey.

1. Joe - "Thinkin About"

Joe's interpretation of Bobby Mcferrin's Thinkin' About Your Body is really good. It's one of those tunes that I think works perfectly in the beginning of a set. I can imagine how it's gonna go down at the campout. It'll get everyone all jazzy and happy! I really wouldn't think it could have been done any better. It's definitely a warm re-edit!

2. Daniel Bell - "Phreak Yo Body"

There is no introduction when it comes to Daniel Bell. A true pioneer and craftsman that has inspired dance music like no other. "Phreak Yo Body" is a Detroit classic from 1995. It still works its magic on the dancefloor. I love the bleepity bloops and the in-and-out 909 hi-hats slamming to the ghetto vocals. Phreak Yo Body is pretty much PHAT!

3. E40 - "Choices (Yup)"

Can we throw a lil bit of hip hop in this mix? Yup. Everybody's got choices and I think this is one of my favorite songs out from the Bay right now. I love the creative yay's and nay's in E40's verse. If only congress would vote on bills like this, everybody could get along better. The backstory to this song for me was when we were in Shambhala and Christian played it on his bluetooth speaker. We just couldn't stop saying YUP or NOPE all weekend. haaa!

4. Versalife - "Below The Horizon"

Below The Horizon is a great tune to play if you are versatile as a DJ. I think this tune will be awesome for the camp out. It's very mysterious and calming. I feel like I can listen to it and close my eyes and let it take me through space and time. I would personally play it in the early hours or just play it full speed. Versalife uses so many cool sounds that take you in and out of reality The track also has Detroit electro all over it which I really love.

5. The Pharcyde - "Passin' Me By"

One of my favorite hip hop tunes of all time. I think this would go down pretty well at the Campout."Passin' Me By is a classic from the golden age of hip hop. J-Swift's genius beat just ride's so well with the beautiful chords that make the song so famous. The verse's are as equally memorable to the beat and flow perfectly.

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6. Justin Martin - "Robot Romance"

Robot Romance is another gem from the pizza master, Justin Martin. This tune plays with the balance of beauty and dirty very well. I love how the violin-ish sounds just work there way into the breakdown and then it just drops in the nastiest bassline ever, while keeping it super playful and consistent. Robot Romance is definitely one of Justin's underrated masterpieces.

7. Portable Sunsets - "Islander Version"

Islander (Version) is one of those songs that puts everything in perspective. It makes me daydream and puts me in the right place. Play this when the sun is coming up in the right environment and it sure will give the early morning goosebumps. The whole album from Portable Sunsets sounds so good.

8. Kill Frenzy - H.O.U.S.E.

One of my favorite tunes on DIRTYBIRD by none other than Jean Claude Van Booty. The tone on this is unreal. It's got so much fire and dirt to it that you can just say its simply "MUD FIRE". The rawness is so solid in this tune. Then you hear the lil vocal bits that hypnotize you even more into an acid dimension. Simply awesome.

9. Tommy Vicari Jr - Look In Your Eyes

Classic tune from the prolific producer "Tommy Vicari Jr". I found this tune on youtube one day and it blew my mind. A vinyl only tune which has a $100 price tag on Discogs. The wobbly bass-line has such a weird layer to it. This track will definitely shake the dancefloor to the ground.

10. Re.You - "Anyway (Rampa Remix)"

The remix of Anyway by Rampa has undoubtedly been the longest tune in my DJ bag. It's one of those tracks that I can't stop coming back to because it still sounds fresh and fun. The tribal influenced breakdown to the heady groove gets everyone dancing. I think Rampa did a really awesome job on this remix and I might keep playing until never.

Join Ardalan and the rest of the Dirtybird crew at Dirtybird Campout.

Purchase tickets here.


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