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Cut Snake press shot

Cut Snake

With CRSSD Festival fast approaching we've tapped a few artist to curate their playlist in preparation for the event. First up we have Cut Snake throwing out some funky house beats to help set the mood. All of these tracks are absolute jams and ones that will do any dancefloor justice. If Cut Snake is picking tracks like the ones listed below, we know their set is an absolute must when CRSSD rolls along. 

We've got a few more artist curated playlists coming soon, so check back to listen to the next selection.
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'Holiday' - Patrick Topping 
Wack this f***ing bad boy on at the white house and Obama would be on top of his desk doing the shuffle in no time screaming "give me a holiday!"

'Funky Town' - Onsra
This tune is such a sunset jam as soon as the break down comes in chicks are holding on to there undies it makes them that horny to get on the dance floor! 

'Acid (Max Chapman Remix)' - Moonwalk 

I just love the energy of this tune, just relentless on the dance floor, with massive break downs to an epic rolley baseline u cant go wrong with this unless you're looking for Aviici in that case you walked into the wrong party!

'Lost Girl' - The Mekanism
This would have to be my favorite tune at the moment! I don’t know what it is about this tune but when it kicks in at 1 min I wanna jump off a building I get that excited! For me its just a tune I wanna hear when I’m on the dance floor, there is just so much groove. I just think roof top party suns out beer in hand then some guy drops this! Forget about it! 

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'Percolator' - Jamie Jones, Cajmere I don’t know what it is about the percolator but people flip! As soon as a crowd hears the percolator its f***ing game on, great tune to bring back in the arsenal and I love it. 


Dope High - Kiko Navarro
This tune starts off with an eerie undertone that carries throughout with suspenseful stabs that sound almost like something you would hear in an 70's James Bond film. I love how it just rolls along, and although some would say it doesn't change much it keeps me interested and anticipating the next sound the whole time. Its a really good filler track to mix up ya sets. 


Rainbow (Club) - Romare
This Jazz infused house tune has such a groovy Bass hook, smokey n' soulful vocal snippits, and dusty piano riffs that give it the vibe of a 1920's Speakeasy (if they were rocking DJ's back then...)

Heart Strings (Original Mix) WHYT NOYZ
This tune has a futuristic, spacey, and almost semi-haunting vibe to it. Its a pretty dark tune, but the top synth-line that comes in lightens the mood right up and makes this tune playable in the early morning or at a daytime festival. Its like a mid 2000's minimal/tech tune that was made in 2090 haha.... really diggin' this shit. 

Necessary Evil - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
I heard these guys a few weeks ago on the radio and was instantly hooked. This is not a club tune, but its my favourite tune to listen to at the moment. Its super mesmerizing with cool vocals and amazing arrangement - super chill vibes. We got to see them at Outside Lands they were pretty amazing; fan-ed out a bit hahaha.

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