Artist Focus Chart: Stanton Warriors

Stanton Warriors

Over the years Stanton Warriors have mastered their craft by combining various forms and styles of dance music into their own distinct sound. Their versatility has shown how an artist can adapt and move forward in a fast paced industry, but it's all about integrity in this culture and Stanton Warriors have continued to find ways to grow. Their most recent work takes on a more futuristic approach with hard hitting beats and a dance heavy theme. We've asked them to pick the 5 tracks that best describe their sound and they've chosen quite an array. From breakbeat to the classic garage style they've become known for, our Stanton Warriors chart will take you back to how it all began.

Their brand new album Rebel Bass is due out September 11th. Order the album here.

1. Stanton Warriors - 'The One'

This kind of represents the sound we're playing out at the moment. With influences from garage, electro, deep house and bass music wrapped up in our own style.

2. Stanton Warriors - 'Get Up'

We have worked with many rappers over the years from Big Daddy Kane to Sway, but Holt on here (who has recently signed to Kayne West's label) really nails this verse.

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3. Azzido da bass - 'Dooms Night (Stanton Warriors Remix)'

This got played by everyone from DJ EZ to Sasha. It summed up our cross genre pollination sound and still gets played by us today.

4. Stanton Warriors - 'Good Vibrations'

A track we knocked in a Sydney hotel room ahead of playing the ‘Good Vibrations’ festival there. Still drops hard today.

5. Stanton Warriors - 'Still Here'

We love vocals equally as raps and straight up instrumentals. This track showcases our more soulful side.

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