We may be seeing a new trend within electronic music where the old-school is suddenly becoming cool again. Perhaps this is due in part by the saturation of mainstream music that floods the internet on a daily basis. Whatever the case may be, it's refreshing to hear this recent mix from Autechre.

It's easy to understand that the music we hear today would not be the same without the influence of Autechre. The English duo of Rob Brown and Sean Booth have an extensive catalogue that carried electronic music through various stages of development.  As Warp Records label regulars they've released numerous influential albums such as their debut Incunabula which reached the top of the UK Indie Chart. They've since gone on to experiment with many different genres like house, techno, hip-hop and electro which gives their catalogue a nice sense of diversity.

After a standout performance at this past year's Dekmantel Festival, Autechre was asked if they could put together a mix of classic jams that shaped their sound. At first they weren't into the idea stating, "we don't do strictly retro stuff, it's too corny.” But a few days later Dekmantel received a file in their inbox and this marathon mix of gems was the product. 

Hats off to you if you recognize some tracks from this collection of classics. Listen to the stream below and feel free to grab the download from Dekmantel's Soundcloud.

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