Avicii Cancels All Remaining Tour Gigs, Again

Avicii Hospitalized, Miami Show Cancelled

We probably shouldn't be surprised that Avicii has once again canceled all of his future tour gigs. It's the second time in 2 years the producer has pulled a move like this. Last year it was for a good reason, he had surgery and needed time to recover. This time is a bit more suspect though as he is claiming he needs "a well deserved break." Lots of musicians have a stacked tour schedules and it's not surprising that they would need some personal time away from the scene. We won't speculate as to what's going on with Avicii but I'm sure many fans are deeply saddened and disappointed.

In a statement made to Billboard Avicii states, “I look forward to keep being innovative with my team in leading a bigger change than just with my music. In moving my tour promotional responsibilities to next year, I have a great opportunity to focus on myself and spend time trying to grow up in a way I never got the chance to – normal, or as normal as it could get. My team, label and family have encouraged me to do that and I realize not many in my position get that opportunity.”

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