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BBC's Mistajam Gives Advice For the Warm-Up DJ

If you're a DJ, should you not absolutely smash it and play a set that represents who you are?

If you're a DJ and you ignore a few simple rules, you may muck up the entire night for the rest of the party. At least that's what Mistajam initially thought.

Mistajam, the tried and true DJ for BBC Radio 1extra, has given some simple advice that has people in the industry buzzing. With 18 years of professional experience he specifically targeted the warm-up DJ who usually sets the tone for the evening.

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Whether or not you agree or disagree, the main point is that you should know your time-slot and your audience. Being aware of this is crucial when you're part of a bigger event. It's not just your show, people are there to enjoy everyone's set. 

Once the word spread about his advice, Mistajam may have experienced some backlash that made him add an important note. 

I've completely changed my mind about warm up DJing. There is NO such thing as a warm up. Who cares what any DJ plays or what the crowd wants to hear - make sure you SMASH OUT YOUR SET whenever you play. Make sure the mixer is fully in the red, the monitors have blown and the amp has tripped before the next DJ takes over. In fact, unplug the decks before they get on - serves 'em right! Like Eminem said, you only get one shot do not miss your chance to blow (a speaker or two).

Whether he is joking or not, he's made an interesting point and has stirred up an engaging discussion. If you have an early time slot, should you not try and absolutely smash it? What if it's you last chance to show a crowd what you're made of? The likely answer to this dilemma probably lies somewhere in the middle. If you're a DJ, be confident in your musical output and play a set you would normally play. Be conscious of your surroundings and know that there is a proper time for everything. Most importantly, just be yourself!

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