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Berceuse Heroique Seeing Backlash from Controversial Tweet

Berceuse Heroique logo

Berceuse Heroique logo

The tweet has since been deleted but it reads as follows, "following a girl for 3 hours around London cause she has the best ass EVER is not a crime". I think that would be considered stalking, but we're not sure he was actually doing things like this, he just thought it was funny. Seems like a bad excuse for saying something that is degrading to women, which is probably even more troubling when you think about it. The world needs to stop treating women in such a horrible fashion and quotes like the one mentioned are detrimental to the progression of society as a whole. 

Honestly, I really love the music that is released by Berceuse Heroique, but this recent statement is bad for the industry and it's bad for humanity. We cannot continue to treat women in such a manner if we are to move past sexism and promote equality. Perhaps this was just bad humor, but that doesn't make it acceptable. The label boss has since apologized to the public. 

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