Jackmaster and Roska Spark More Beef with DJ Sneak

Twitt Talk: DJ Sneak Attacks Armand Van Helden—"The shit he dropped was straight childish."

The social media beef just keeps on cooking. Earlier today we shared with you the post that DJ Sneak put on his Instagram regarding how he's not a fan of Armand Van Helden's fashion sense. He stated that Van Helden was a "sad depiction of the 90's house producer looking degraded". Back in 2013 he made similar remarks regarding his musical output saying, "the shit he dropped was straight childish".  A lot has happened since then and more producers have chimed in on twitter.

One producer who did not take kindly to the words of DJ Sneak was the Glasgow native Jackmaster.

DJ SNeak jackmaster roska

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It's safe to say that DJ Sneak is not making any friends during this controversy. Even UK dance music pioneer Roska got in on the action.

DJ sneak jackmaster roska

Who is winning this social media war? We'll let the fans decide, but calling out other producers, who have been prominent figures in the scene for some time, is not a good move. What do you think about Armand Van Helden's style? Do you even care what he dresses like? All of these producers involved make pretty solid dance music, so I'll let the music speak for itself.

DJ Sneak roska jackmaster

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