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Claire Danes Reveals That She Attends Berghain and Loves Techno

Clair Danes says Berghain is "the best place on Earth."
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Clare Danes was recently on the TV show Ellen, hosted by Ellen Degeneres, where she talked about one of her favorite cities, Berlin. The city has become recognized not just for it's urban landscapes and culture but also for the popularity of techno. Danes definitely knows about the dance music genre and she revealed that one of her favorite things to do in Berlin is to hit up one of the most recognized techno venues in the world, Berghain

According to the Homeland star, Berghain is "the best place on Earth." In classic Berghain fashion, the way she wound up inside the club is due to the fact that she knows a guy who knows a guy who knows the owner and they were able to sneak around to the back entrance and avoid the legendary long line that most normal people have to deal with. 

In the interview she aslo talks about the themed nights that Berghain hosts, like fetish weekend, and she sheds light on the club's ice cream shop as well as educates Ellen on what "bad techno" is. Watch the interview below to see Clare Danes pull out some of her best techno dance moves and talk about her techno escapades at Berghain.

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