DJ Food Presents His Star Wars Inspired Mix

DJ Food Star Wars Mix

The Ninja Tune artist DJ Food has put together a mix filled with tracks inspired by the film series Star Wars. Packed with edits of soundsfrom the films, he's chosen to share this mix as a celebration for The Secret Cinema's The Empire Strikes Back. The mix is filled with down-tempo beats and jazzy hip-hop rhythms. Tracks featured include productions by DJ Shadow, Patrick Gleeson and Mark Archer as well as version of the iconic Cantina Band.

"Titled ‘The Tracks Go Off In This Direction…’ it follows the hunt for the Droids as songs and styles from the SW canon get progressively more random. It’s all Star Wars," states DJ Food, "plenty of which you will have seen and heard before, but I like to think I’ve dug a little and unearthed some hidden gems that might not be as familiar as Meco‘s ubiquitous disco-fied Star Wars Theme."

During the school summer break he finds it difficult to make time for his music, but now that his kids are returning to school he's able to find time to get back to his creative side. The mix was accompanied by visuals as well but he has been asked to take the video down. The mix still remains though and you can have a listen below.

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The Tracks Go Off In This Direction... by Strictly Kev / Dj Food on Mixcloud

For more info on the mix click here.

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