DJ Sneak Attacks Armand Van Helden's Style on Instagram


In the latest music industry beef, DJ Sneak has ripped Armand Van Helden because he's not into his style. A quick little compliment saying Van Helden was the "Hip Hop Sample Slayer" was followed by stating he is now a "sad depiction of the 90's house producer looking degraded".

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DJ Sneak

It's safe to say that Sneak is not a fan of Van Helden and this isn't the first time he's cooked up some social media beef. In 2013 the two producers were on the same bill in Miami and DJ Sneak tweeted, "Yo seriously Armand was hella whack- totally killed the vibe. Bad taste in music. Not cool at all," Sneak went further by adding, "Cameo Miami: last night was going well till one Van Helden dude killed the vibe, totally out of line....garbage EDM shit." Sneak would go on to conclude by stating, "He needs to step away from this DJ business...fuck money and fame. It's all about passion and love for house music".

A person's style is their own prerogative and others are entitled to their own opinions, so it's not really that big of a deal that DJ Sneak revealed his true feelings for Van Helden. After all, Sneak's been known for his blunt comments and that's just his style.

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