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Are Dance Music Albums Dead? Duke Dumont Fires Back at Ministry of Sound

Duke Dumont didn't take kindly to Ministry of Sound's comments regarding his musical outlook

Ministry of Sound recently published an article in response to comments by Duke Dumont who stated that "dance music albums are almost dead." The album format has indeed been lacking in terms of dance music and it's more common these days to see releases of EPs and singles. Ministry of Sound didn't take kindly to Dumont's remarks and they "had to respectfully call bullshit.

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Would you rather see the release of an album, once a year, from a dance music artist or continuously hear releases as they drop througout the year? I don't see why we have to choose. Just release good music and we'll be happy.

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We tend to agree with Dumont on this one. Albums have lost their touch. If a dance music producer is going to release an album, it should be more of a concept album that tells a story or takes the listener to somewhere completely different than their other material. What I mean by this is for an artist to produce an album in a similar fashion that Porter Robinson went with his recent album Worlds or how Floating Points is delivering an album that drifts away from his more clubby material. That seems to be the recipe for success when releasing an album and I'm sure we'll be hearing more like that in the future.

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