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Festival Gear: Siesta 4 Tent Keeps Inside Cool Even In Summer

This tent is necessary festival gear. Waking up from your tent being an oven is a thing of the past.
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This is a common occurrence. You're at a festival and you fall asleep in your tent around 5 AM because you've been out all day and night dancing, frolicking and doing anything else you can imagine dong at a festival. All of a sudden the sun begins to rise and your tent starts to heat up like an oven. Sticky blankets and sleeping bags are so uncomfortable, it's hard to get any sleep at all at a festy. That is until you've used this Siesta tent.

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The Siesta 4 Tent by Australian startup Outback Logic LLC is a new tent that is designed to keep the interior cool during the hottest of days. It's pretty brilliant actually. The canvas is made of a unique reflective material that blocks the suns rays from penetrating the tent. I've seen people at festivals with reflective sheets over their tents, but it doesn't get better much than having a tent actually made of this material.

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It's a game-changer for anyone who is nomad during those summer months and travels to multiple festivals. I can imagine getting the best sleep ever and waking up completely refreshed for the next round of madness. The Siesta 4 Tent is a must.

To find out more about this life saving festival gear, visit Outback Logic.

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