Flying Lotus Previews his Score for Short Film FUCKKKYOUUU in New Trailer

This trailer for FUCKKKYOUUU is pretty bizarre, but we're definitely intrigued by the concept and to hear what Flying Lotus has done with the film score.
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Well, after watching the trailer for FUCKKKYOUUU we're not really sure what reality is anymore. All we know is that this film is going to be totally unique and a reflection of the artistic expression for all those involved in making it come to life. 

flying lotus film fuckkkyouuu

The concept of the film, which is directed by Eddie Alcazar, is intriguing enough in itself, but the trailer makes us want to know how it will all come together. It will most likely be pretty far out and, as it is a short film, will get right to the point. 

Read the description of the film below and watch the trailer which features a preview of the film score produced by Flying Lotus.

"With the ability to travel in time, a lonely girl finds love and comfort by connecting with her past self. Eventually faced with rejection she struggles with her identity and gender, and as time folds onto itself only one of them can remain."

flying lotus FUCKKKYOUUU poster

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