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Foolin’ Around At Fool’s Gold Day Off Los Angeles 2015

Foolin’ Around At Fool’s Gold Day Off Los Angeles 2015


Travi$ Scott (Photo by Grant Smith)

This past weekend, Fool’s Gold hosted its 5th annual Day Off event in Los Angeles. What started as a free party in a Soho parking lot has evolved into an event spanning multiple cities and boasting some of the most progressive artists from both the EDM and hip-hop communities. With artists like Action Bronson and Travi$ Scott headlining, this year was no exception.

Fool's Gold Day Off has a strikingly similar style to Mad Decent’s Block Party events. Both began as completely free events with stacked lineups featuring artists from a variety of different genres. Additionally, each label has a superstar DJ at the helm, with A-Trak at Fool’s Gold and Diplo at Mad Decent. However, as the two have evolved, they’ve both taken different directions. While Mad Decent decided to take the Block Parties in a more EDM centric direction, Fool’s Gold has stayed true to its hip-hop roots while also booking DJ’s that play rap-influenced music such as Milo & Otis and Kittens.



A casualty of some ratchet activity (Photo by Grant Smith)

In a way, FG Day Off now feels sort of like Mad Decent Block Party’s ratchet sibling. The two came from similar backgrounds, but their leaning towards different genres has made them what they are today. While Block Party’s crowd seems akin to a daytime rave, Day Off has a markedly more urban quality. This may sound like a negative quality to some, but I think it just adds to FG Day Off’s character and individuality.

Post Malone (Photo by Grant Smith)

There aren’t many events that allow trending rappers like Post Malone and Towkio to share the stage with forward thinking club producers like Madeaux and Hoodboi. In that respect, FG Day Off stands among the few events bold enough to book such an eclectic selection of artists with seemingly different fan bases.

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Jaden Smith


Jaden Smith derpin' around (Photo by Grant Smith)

A major highlight of the event was the high profile guests who made brief appearances onstage during Towkio, Post Malone, and Travi$ Scott’s sets. Jaden Smith proved his media omnipresence by an appearance during Post Malone’s set, while Scott brought out Chi-raq’s most infamous rapper, Chief Keef.

Action Bronson


Action Bronson (Photo by Grant Smith)

The one small downside to FG Day Off was the extremely brief set times for many of the artists. Aside from Action Bronson, all the acts played for 20-30 minutes max. These seemed more like short bursts of music as opposed to full fledged sets.



(Photo by Grant Smith)

Although this year’s event was sold out, there was ample room for attendees to roam freely at The Shrine.

Despite the short sets, Fool's Gold Day Off has declared itself a summer staple, an annual event celebrating a diverse collection of artists ranging from progressive rappers to some of the most forward thinking producers in EDM.

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