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GEAR PREVIEW: Roland Boutique Synth Line

Roland Boutique Preview

Audio hardware that legitimately changed music production forever came from Roland, the company behind the iconic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines as well as numerous synthesizers. Since the '70s they've been leading figures in studio hardware that is long lasting and effective. They've changed the way we make music and it's all been for he better.

The next line of equipment to come from Roland will be their Roland Boutique Series. Little is known about the new gear, but they've offered us a preview to amp up the anticipation. We know producers all around the world will be eager to test out these new synths. Watch the video below and check back for more news as it arises.

Created Digital Music has enhanced the picture shown at the end of this video which reveals the new Roland Boutique line of synthesizers.

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Roland Boutique Enhanced Image

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