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Get Discovered 2 (Deep House Edition) Winner Announced – Italy’s Emanuele Macagnone

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Get Discovered 2 (Deep House Edition) Winner Announced – Italy’s Emanuele Macagnone

For our second edition of the Get Discovered contest, we decided to focus on the Deep House / Melodic House genre. We teamed up with DCC Studios and V-Moda headphones to search for some great undiscovered talent in this genre. We would like to thank all the producers that shared their work with us, there was a lot of great stuff in there, but, unfortunately, we could only pick one.

We ended up choosing Emanuele Macagnone from Italy whose deep sounds caught our attention right away with a proper nod to the old school. Check out a snippet of the track below featuring the vocals of LA’s Dianna Wallace along with our interview.

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How long have you been producing House Music and what inspired you to start?

I have been creating music for eleven years. My inspiration and love for electronic music dates back to the 1990s, thanks to discs and tapes from my father who introduced me to Disco, Chicago House, Detroit Techno and Italian Disco music that I listened to from an early age and it is still my lifestyle.

From an early age I started to play percussion and drums, I always had a love for the strong House and Techno of Detroit. I've always produced underground music, blending the deep sounds of techno and house.

How did you connect with your vocalist Dianna Wallace?

I met Dianna (Lynn) Wallace through my musical journey with the young London label DRUM RECORDS. I fell in love with her voice, and we started a musical journey and a beautiful friendship.

What DAW are you using currently to produce your music or do you use analog gear at all?

I Use Ableton Live and Cubase. I love digital production. I am fascinated with the level of creativity that it has given to me by software and virtual instruments. The software for mastering I use is Wavelab and Ozone 6. I use many old school sounds for lead, stabs, pads, TR 909 & 808 and many others.

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I use many VSTs for mixes, effects & mastering. Waves & Brainworks are among my favorites.

Who are some of your current influences and who are some of your more classic influences?

My current influences are dark & deep Techno; strong Deep House grooves blended with classic old school underground sounds. I grew up here in Italy with these sounds.

Are you also a DJ or do you perform your music live?

Yes, I am a DJ! I grew up with music on vinyl, although I love to work in the studio so much more.

What advice do you have for new producers hoping to get noticed?

The best advice I can give young people who want to make music is to have a love of music without looking for success. Love and study music. Use music to unite and not to divide!

What are some of your favorite record labels and what label would you most like to be signed to?

I do not have a favorite label, but I've been listening to lots of music labels. Here I would like to sign a contract with Strictly Rhythm and Skylax RECORDS.

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