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Ghostface Killah and DOOM are DOOMSTARKS, Listen to Their First Single


It has been revealed that Ghostface Killah and DOOM have collaborated on a new project they're calling DOOMSTARKS. The first single has been released as a free download from Adult Swim Singles and is a creative combination of both Ghostface and DOOM's signature style. The beat, a villainous melody, sets the stage for the distinct flow of the collaborators to shine. It's a refreshing hip-hop track with classic themes that are lacking in today's rap game.

They've also announced a much anticipated new album coming soon, but before they drop that they'll be performing at III Points Festival in Miami. Ghostface will be there in person with DOOM "transported Star Trek-style directly onto the III Points Festival stage." We're not really sure what that means. Maybe a hologram? We'll just have to wait and see.

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Listen to the first single from DOOMSTARKS titled 'Lively Hood' and pre-order the 7" single here.

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