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Guy Gerber Rumors Ibiza

Guy Gerber Rumors Ibiza

After last weekend when his RUMORS party was shut down for an hour, Guy Gerber was able to finish off the night as the party resumed. This past Sunday however, he and The Beachouse in Ibiza ran into similar complications. This time they were forced to cancel the RUMORS event before it even began.

The press release reads: "We're very sad to announce that RUMORS will not be happening this Sunday due to new rules and regulations that have been implemented on the island.

"This sudden news is unfortunate, but we are still very happy that we had so many wonderful nights and made so many people happy. We want to thank you all for an absolutely amazing season.

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"Because of these restrictions we can't continue in a way that will preserve the magic that we've experienced together every Sunday, but we are still working on our closing party which will happen on October 4."

Earlier this summer Carl Craig and tINI were forced to cancel an event as well.

Ibiza nightclubs are seeing a rise in police crackdowns that have forced many parties to cancel. This could be due to zoning restrictions or it could be due to other laws that the clubs are not abiding to. We will continue to explore this problem and will update you when more information arises.

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