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I've always been a big fan of incorporating natural materials like wood into headphones from an aesthetics standpoint, but I haven't yet found one that delivers on sound, until now.

The Grain Audio OEHP.01 model has come to my rescue with amazing design and fantastic sound. 

It's nice to see a headphone that delivers both great style and quality audio in what has become a market flooded with flashy, bassed up mediocrity.

The enclosures are made of grain-matched solid walnut with ample cushioning around the earcups and on the headband. The grey headband is made of a flexible and sturdy plastic that reminds me of the AiAiAi headbands on their TMA-1 headphone line. They are light and quite comfortable with the perfect amount of clamping force. 

I wore these headphones in a variety of situations from walking around the block to sitting at a desk and was easily able to keep them on for a couple hours without fatigue. Aside from being a little hot after a while, they were fantastic. To be fair, all over-ear headphones are going to get a little warm after awhile unless. 

Let's get to the important part because looking good is great but for me it's always about the sound. 

The Grain Audio OEHP's are equipped with 40mm neodymium drivers that are tuned perfectly to deliver what most people would call a flat even sound. 

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What does that mean? It means simply that these headphones are tuned so that you are going to hear the music the way it was mastered to sound. Many headphones will tune up the bass, for example, to make your experience more bass heavy.

Some people are ok with that because they listen to a very select genre like Hip Hop or EDM. If you are someone that likes to listen to a variety of music, it's always better to get a headphone that is tuned flatter.

I tried these headphones with every genre (Rock, EDM, Hip Hop, Classical, Country, Jazz, etc.) and they performed excellently. I do always recommend using a DAC like the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic when you can as it's always going to heighten your experience, especially with uncompressed audio.

Even if you don't care to get that nerdy, these headphones will give you plenty of volume just off your iPhone or laptop and deliver amazing sound. 

So overall if you are in the market for an over-ear headphone and you are looking for something that delivers on design and is great for all genres of music the Grain Audio OEHP.01 is a fantastic choice. 

The headphone has an MSRP of around $199 

Check out the Grain Audio Website Here.

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