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"Hello Clouds" Graces Detroit with Justin Martin & Ardalan

"Hello Clouds" Graces Detroit

When Dirtybird comes to town, Detroit takes notice. So when Justin Martin and Ardalan announced their Detroit stop on their Hello Clouds tour, calendars were marked, tickets were bought and plans were made.

This past Saturday at Populux was quite the event. It was the first time Justin had played in Detroit, sans the entire Dirtybird crew, for quite some time. So, it was with dreams of pizza, California funk and a little bit of weird that Justin and Ardalan dominated the decks.

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It was a non-stop party that night, with lines so long they wrapped around the block. Everyone was attempting to get inside, tickets or not, and the door prices were through the roof.

The music, however, was phenomenal. Golf Clap opened the night with their groovy tunes that Detroit has come to know and love. They were the perfect start to the evening. When Ardalan took the stage in his cowboy hat and Dirtybird tee, there was a distinct mood change. It became a bit darker, lightly dirtier and whole lot funkier. The quality set kept everyone on their feet and dancing hard. His musical output was far superior to any of his other past performances in Detroit and it honestly looked like he was having a blast himself.

And then… Justin Martin took the reigns and rode the vibes of the crowd until the club kicked everyone out. His set here even trumped the set he played at the Dirtybird 10 after party back in May. He dropped funky bass music, track after track. The dance floor was absolutely packed with a crowd full of fans who clearly were extremely excited for the evening.

It seems as if the Dirtybird crew can do no wrong in Detroit and it's evident from the Hello Clouds Tour that all members know how to throw it down. Be sure to catch the guys as they carry on the tour, more dates available here.

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