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I Felt the Magic at I Feel's Wicked Witches of Wonderland Event

Mees Dierdorp and Carmel Production put on a magical event, here's what went down

I've had a serious music crush on Mees Dierdorp ever since the day I stumbled upon his Circo Loco DC10 opening set. Naturally, when I saw he was to make a rare appearance in NYC, I grabbed a ticket. The show he was playing was an event called, I Feel... Wicked Witches of Wonderland. I Feel, is run by Roee Carmel of Carmel Productions, and they've already produced various I Feel events in the past. The fact that costumes were stated as mandatory on the site (but clearly not) got me a little excited. I don't need any other motive to dig up my penguin kigurumi (you heard me!).

Admiring the awesomeness of the promoters!

Admiring the awesomeness of the promoters!

I reposted this picture from the I Feel …Wicked Facebook event page because I was really moved by the genuine gesture of the promoters in encouraging of a safe and fun environment for their patrons. Taking a page out of the Burner Handbook, I felt that Carmel Productions did their best to make sure the right crowd attended their events. It was about having fun and listening to good music and who can’t get on board with that?

V on deck at I Feel... Wicked Witches of Wonderland

V on deck at I Feel... Wicked Witches of Wonderland

I arrived at the event around 1 AM, meaning I had missed V (ebb + flow / Carmel Productions) and Christian A. (Peakkontrol) opening up the night. However, from the comments on the event’s page, it seemed as though the two did not disappoint.


Personally, this was my first time at the Wick and I really liked it. The venue was completely decorated in various art installations, including live Visionary Shamanic UV 3D art by Myztico Campo. As the music was playing through the Funktion One Sound system, the lights and projections enhanced the environment, creating a surreal playground for the various creatures running amok on the dancefloor. They even had performers, and body painting by Kirkworx, Jackeline Nyx and others. I loved it!

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Fortunately for me, I made it in time to see Mees Dierdorp and he was fantastic. His set was everything from enchanting to scrumptiously melodic. With a sensual and groovy vibe, my penguin butt was practically rubbing up on everything and anyone. I hate dancing in the front, but I pretty much dragged my friend with me so that I can watch the man do some magic.

I think the most ethereal moment of the night is when he dropped; Kölsch’s 'Goldfish' and the entire room just lost themselves. Melting bodies and minds had occurred in unison at that moment. Hearing him play my favourite track, 'Talkin Bout' keeps coming back in my mind. Needless to say, I loved every single moment of his set. If you have never heard of him, I pit you! Get on that Soundcloud, dammit!

Now that I am done fangirling all over the page, I can continue reporting. Following the magnificent Mees Dierdorp was Roee Carmel himself. I have never heard him live before and I have to say I really enjoyed the performance. The crowd was definitely vibing in all the right ways as the host brought some intricate sounds to the floor. The night was flowing into a true wonderland, as we all got lost with one another.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 5.32.51 PM.png

Unfortunately, the event came to an end a little past 4 AM because a patron had gotten seriously ill and paramedics had to be called. Unlike most events, none of the other patrons were moaning and groaning about the closing. In fact, Roee Carmel had agreed to cut the night short to make sure that the woman got the proper medical attention and that she was taken to the nearest hospital. Again, I am iterating at how this promoter put the patron’s health before the event and that is something truly rare in our world of event production.

All in all, the event was unique and beautiful to me. I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed seeing everyone around me donned in their craziest costumes. Most of all I am super grateful that I Feel recognized the genius talent of Mees Dierdorp and brought him for my viewing pleasure (that’s just obnoxious, I kid J ).

I am looking forward to more I Feel events, such as the I Feel... Candyland Fantasy on October 23rd.

See you there!

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