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Interview With The Mix'd Matchmaker: The Dating App that Finds You Love on the Dancefloor


“Those who rave together, stay together”

We have seen this phrase plastered throughout EDM-related media, and we believe it. I, myself, have written an article questioning an EDM fan’s ability to date someone who was not into a similar music scene. Frankly, the result was a collective “No”, but are we surprised?

We are within a culture that likes to enjoy the musical experience, but the majority of us do not intentionally go out to shows or festivals to find our next boo-bear… At least I would hope not! We are there for the music above all else, right?

Now, let me introduce Mr. Noah Brunell! There has been some hype about his newly launched dating app, Mix’d, in the electronic music spheres. I wanted to shed some light on the fella, himself, to understand the original nature of the apps’ conception.

This young UPenn graduate may have done the best thing for dating in the music scene with the release of his version of a dating app, Mix’d! This is a Tinder-style dating app that matches users based on shared musical interests. The app has only been live for a few weeks, but it is already catching a lot of attention from single ravers in the Northeast. However, at this stage of the launch, the app is only available for iPhones.

Some of the apps features include:

  • Algorithm that matches you to other users based on your music taste and the artists/shows you have attended

  • You can exchange music with those you chat with via the app

  • You can invite your friends and others into groups going to the same event

  • Invites to shows or festivals can be shared between the interacting users

  • There is also an interesting feature called, Concert Mode. The feature allows users to be matched in real-time, if they’re attending the same festival or concert

I had the pleasure of having a casual interview with Noah, where he gave me a little insight as to how he took a simple concept (and I bet you, it has crossed most of our minds at least once) and made it happen.

Noah’s first introduction into the electronic music scene was via a BBC’s Essentials Mix by Avicii (we all start somewhere!), sometime in 2009. His interest in the genre, over the course of the next few years, led him to Trance and then eventually into the clutches of Deep House and Techno (you mean, The Holy Grail?!). He liked the experience of meeting new people just by attending music shows and festivals of similar taste.

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Most of the time we meet one another at random or we find groups on Facebook or Reddit, but he described them as resembling forums. It is mostly group discussions versus individual conversation. His app gives its user a more individual or intimate approach by supplying the common interest. Those outside of the electronic music scene may not be very understanding of the devoted nature of its members. We all spend a lot time attending shows and festivals; sometimes we can label it as frequently attending. So many of the generic dating apps such as, Tinder, do not place any emphasis on specific interests or lifestyles.

When I asked Noah about the motive behind the dating aspect of the app he stated, “…I think a really important part of dating and relationships is shared experiences. If you don’t have shared experiences with your significant other, then what do you really have? ...You want to create cool, shared experiences, as opposed to, like, Tinder. You don’t know anything about the person and the only reason you may have reached out to them is because you think they’re good looking. Maybe you go on a date to some bar, but there really was no connection other than the fact that you thought they were attractive.”

(I would have to say that I support his answer)

Noah has since, self-funded the creation of his app. This only shows the level of confidence that he has at the possibility that this is a much needed extension in our music culture. As of now, the app is focusing on building a stronger and more consistent user base (before expanding into other genres) by promoting the app through various modes of social media and by showcasing it at festivals and you will be able to spot them at Electric Zoo and Tomorrowworld this year.


There are two similar dating apps on the market that are using the same concept of music preference for matching their users. Glance, is an app that is based out of Amsterdam with a similar, Tinder-like design. The app is slowly expanding to outside cities within Europe. is a London-based app that has been around for about five years. They use your music library and Facebook profile to extract your musical bio and create matches (primarily for lovers of alternative bands). However, both do not seem to be widely known as of yet and Mix’d is more catered to the electronic music scene in its current stage with hopes to expand to other genres.

I attempted to prompt, Noah on discussing the future of the app, but he chose to keep certain futures of the app to himself at this time. However, there is forethought in extending Mix’d to be available in the Android App market hopefully in the near future.

A revolution in the dating culture of the electronic world is underway and apps such as Mix’d, Glance and, can potentially end up being a key players in the developing generations' dating culture. It is also awesome to see a good idea come to life with paid respect to young entrepreneurialism.

With a big thanks to Noah for giving me more insight into the app’s creator and the ideas surrounding its creation, I am eagerly awaiting its availability to the Android market and I know many are now creating profiles and initiating conversations loaded with the best in music taste.

Check out Mix’d, available in iTunes.

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