Is The CW Looking For The EDM Equivalent Of Gossip Girl?


Is The CW Is Looking For The EDM Equivalent Of Gossip Girl?

Despite the recent setback for EDM on the big screen a la the "WAYF" flop it still seems that popular culture is determined to get an EDM themed drama up and running as well as a DJ talent show, but that one has gone quiet thank God.

The CW has announced it is developing The Drop a new music industry-themed drama that revolves around a young DJ and his female protege set in the Miami EDM scene. Superstar DJ / Producer Steve Angello has been tapped as the executive music producer to give it some more credibility.

If they are smart, they will probably just bob and weave in and out of the EDM setting and focus on the melodramatic characters that are sure to appear. If the writing zones in too much on the vapid nightlife culture cliches this show will go south faster than a Zac Effron DJ Set.

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However, shows like this are encouraging in a time of cop show copycats, G.O.T wannabes, and Zombie rip offs. Millennial-targeted TV is in desperate need of something edgier and more relatable, so it would seem that an EDM/Music Industry themed program could potentially knock it out of the park because of its "realness".

Or it will shit the bed in a severe way, who knows. If you want to see it done right in a film, check out Human Traffic, Train Spotting or Eden.

No Gossip, just club girls. Not uptown NYC darling, more like downtown Miami Papi... You get what I'm saying; we need a little spice and cultural range here, not uptight WASP's trying to knock off their parents and steal the family fortune. Good luck!

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