Kode9 Reveals His Zero Obsession with Forthcoming Album 'Nothing'



Kode9 (photo credit: Philip Skoczkowski)

One would never have guessed that Kode9 had an obsession with zero, but when you look at the track list for his forthcoming album it becomes quite clear. Nothing possesses tracks called 'Void', 'Holo' and 'Zero Point Energy', all dealing with a vacant space or the lowest amount of energy possible, zero. Although the track titles reveal a certain vagueness to the new project, the sound is quite different and complex in a way. Kode9 has always had a way with weaving intricately laid out rhythms with atmospheric tones and melodies to produce an ethereal motif. It's clear from this latest project that he's been refining his sound.

With his first solo full length album since his long time collaborator The Spaceape, who passed away in 2014 after a prolonged battle with cancer, we are presented with a variety of styles from grime, early dubstep and Chicago footwork. All genres that Kode9 has touched on in the past, but here we are graced with a futuristic style that shows how Kode9 has evolved over the years. 'Zero Work' is like a classic dubstep track only the percussion is so unique it defies classification. Vacuum Packed possesses a footwork style but Kode9 brings in his own distinct flavor revealing something completely fresh and original. Most of the album follows suite with this and it's nice to hear an artists still finding ways to experiment.

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Kode9 will release Nothing on November 6th via Hyperdub

Nothing Track List:

01. Zero Point Energy
02. Notel
03. Void
04. Holo
05. Third Ear Transmission feat. The Spaceape
06. Zero Work
07. Vacuum Packed
08. Wu Wei
09. Casimir Effect
10. Respirator
11. Mirage
12. 9 Drones
13. Nothing Lasts Forever

Kode9 Nothing

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