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For many aspiring producers LANDR is a good company to become acquainted with. They've been leading the charge of online music mastering that is made easy for any musician in the industry. Technology is perpetually evolving the music industry and LANDR is able to harness that technology to make mastering as easy as possible. 

Recently, LANDR has raised over $6.2 million in funding from prominent members and organizations in the industry such as Nas, Wanrer Music Group and Cirque Du Soleil founders Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier. They've also seen public support from professional musicians such as Tiga, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir, Echosmith and Wolf+Lamb just to name a few. 

Due to the specific nature of LANDR's platform, music mastering, they've found it important to speak with successful producers about their music production techniques. The diverse nature of music in general has led them to interview a wide range of artists who all produce vastly different styles of music. Jillionaire and Jubilee possess a distinct bass heavy style while Gunnar Haslam and Jacques Greene reveal a more techno and house centric motif. Watch the interviews below to see how the pros get after music production.

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