Little Helpers DJ Tools Release With Derek Marin + Someone Else

Little Helpers

Since 2009 the label Little Helpers has supplied dance music connoisseurs and DJs with tracks specifically designed to be used for the dance floor. Their DJ tools are eclectic and sophisticated which has made them the go-to label for DJs of all kinds in search of tracks to complete their sets. Each release comes with a collection of tracks that fit together cohesively, but also stand out on their own. Focusing on the rhythm that drives dance music, Little Helpers has built up a reputation for minimal yet complex arrangements.

Founded by Butane and Someone Else, both respected DJs in their own right, Little Helpers has grown to feature artists like Proudly People, Flashmob, Tripio X and Rennie Foster among others. Their most recent release comes from co-founder Someone Else in collaboration with the techno centric producer Derek Marin. 5 tracks consisting of tech-house, minimal, techno, deep house and electronica make this release one of their finest with a little bit of everything mixed in. Listen to the stream below to find out more of what the Little Helpers label is all about.

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