Magnetic Magazine Podcast: Master Wayne

Magnetic Magazine Podcast Master Wayne


Album Art by Jonathan Bearden

What's up Magnetic Magazine readers? For those of you who don't know, my name is Cameron and I am the editor of the techno section at this fine publication. When I'm not writing for the techno chart, I'm behind the decks as Master Wayne. Nothing beats the feeling of standing at the helm while the subwoofers are pumping and shaking everyone's teeth out.

Since starting here at Magnetic, I have grown to love techno and all of the variations of the genre even more. So for this mix I have put together some of my favorite tunes from the charts and a few others I have dug up in my quest for all things tech. I started it off with some upbeat, shuffle-y, tech house and then take you down the rabbit hole into some darker, brooding, beats. Grab some headphones or plug into your stereo system now because, as always, computer speakers won't do these tracks justice. Enjoy!

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Claude VonStroke - Make A Cake (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Spin Like Fire (Original Mix)

Nick Olivetti - Bee Beat (Original Mix)

Unorthodox - Black Stone (Original Mix)

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