Charlotte Devaney Flip It Snoop Dogg Erik Morillo Remix

Erick Morillo is a true legend within the dance music realm and he's been producing club ready heaters for over 3 decades. He's taken Charlotte Devaney's hit track and seriously "flipped it" into a peak time tune aimed right at the dancefloor.

Charlotte Devaney, a renowned singer and DJ, wrote the original with the main idea of provoking listeners to have fun and let go. “I’m all about fun and humour and that’s what was injected into ‘Flip It.’ It’s a song that will make you smile, dance and not take life to seriously....while whistling like a nutter!”  She's just down to have a good time which is why she's become known for her high energy performances. With this Erick Morillo remix her sound gets launched onto the dancefloor and it definitely suits her style.

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