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MAGNETIC PREMIERE: JULiA LEWiS Crafts A Soulful Remix Of Eryn Allen Kane’s 'Mercy'

Although Bay area based producer JULiA LEWiS is a rising star in the ambient electronic music scene, he isn’t a newcomer by any means. With countless years of production experience under his belt and an ongoing collaborative project with Amp Live of legendary Bay Area rap group Zion I, LEWiS, aka Ben Falik, has already established himself as a producer of interest.

Premiere: JULiA LEWiS Crafts A Sweet, Soulful Remix Of Eryn Allen Kane’s “Mercy”

Ju Lu’s latest offering is a vibrant, soulful house remix of 'Mercy' by Eryn Allen Kane. LEWiS perfectly nails that, Kaytranada style, bouncy house vibe on this one. If I hadn’t read the track info I legitimately would’ve thought this was produced by Kaytra. I’m expecting great things to come from this talented young producer. Be sure to keep an eye on Julia Lewis as well as his project with Amp Live, Saint Tiimbre.

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