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MakJ Gets Deep With His New Track "On&On" And You Are Going To Love It

MakJ and Kenze have produced at top shelf Deep House cut, and it's really good. Listen here.
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.30.41 PM.png

This song is fire! 

MakJ has always been a little too big room "newbie" for my tastes with all those wind-ups, drops and whistle noises, his tunes are very "my first rave 101." Nothing against him, his tunes have just has never been my type of music. I like it a bit deeper and more complex. 

The old MakJ was kind of like that Fireball Cinnamon whiskey; it's fun, but you would never have it at your house or admit to drinking it. The new MakJ is more like a nice Bookers or Blanton's Single Barrel, can we expect more of this sound from him? I REALLY hope so. Keep working with this Kenze fellow!

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On & On is filled with succulent bone marrow thick bass lines, some catchy vocal loops and some future school R&B vocals. It's what you might call a panty dropper, in all the best ways, not the "Bro" jungle juice way. 

Check it out below. 

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