Matt Lange's Mau5trap Debut Stuns, Release Party at Sound Nightclub

matt lange

Matt Lange has long been a jack-of-all-trades as a producer, working with BT on These Hopeful Machines while making a name for himself as an artist, but for his debut album Ephemera released on mau5trap records, he finally hones in on a definitive sound.

After a rousing, ambient intro, the album jumps right in with “Removes Me”, pairing a haunting one-note bass with a slowly-developing melody and the album's signature vocals (which remind me of a contorted take on deadmau5's 4x4=12's robotic vocals). These tracks aren't too far off from his Anjunadeep discography, but they come from a more self-assured mentality, it seems. Unlike most of Lange's previous releases, it's sequenced like an album: press play and lose yourself for an hour. Every single track has extremely unique, playful rhythms: “Dejected” has these infectious glitchy whirrs, then the synths on “Ripples” gracefully elide into each other before blending garage hats with tribal toms, before ”You'll Remember Me” and its sharply-processed bassline grab you again. He brings an immediate contrast in the vocal-led “Lying to Myself”, then after a short interlude, he goes really deep for the album's second half (with the exception of “Inside My Head”, another glitchy vocal tune that frankly reminds of BT).

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As a whole, this album makes for great listening both at home and in the club, and I can't wait to see how Matt combines them with his earlier work into a psychedelic deep house DJ set. InDeep and mau5trap are celebrating the album with a release party at Sound Nightclub in Los Angeles tonight (September 10), and that will be our first opportunity to see how he uses the entire album live. Here's to hoping Matt makes an international tour soon, so the rest of the world can see too.

Matt Lange

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