Mixed In Key's Flow 8 Deck DJ Software Overview Video

Mixed In Key has released Flow 8 Deck the latest version of their DJ Software.
Flow 8 Deck Screen Image

Flow 8 Deck Screen 

This is the first in first in our series of tutorial videos for Mixed In Key's new DJ software Flow 8 Deck. In this video I will take you through the basic layout and workflow of the software and briefly discuss all of the topline functionality. 

Flow has been a personal favorite of mine for the last couple years because it's easy to use and it integrates with Platinum Notes to upgrade your tracks and has Mixed In Key built right in. 

I've used it primarily for creating studio mixes for our podcasts as it's easy and fast to put together a really seamless mix. However it just wasn't something I would use out at a club because it's actually too smart if that makes any sense. 

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With the introduction of Flow 8 Deck they have changed that perception quite a bit with a version that allows you to mix on 8 decks at a time as well as mix stems. 

The software works with any DJ controller on the market and is pre mapped for the more popular models from Pioneer, NI and other big brands. 

Next week I will drill into a more detailed tutorial that discusses how to really start mixing with Flow and using stems and the various deck configurations. 

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