Modulations: The History of The Rave


A good history lesson is never a bad thing, especially with the current boom of EDM that has taken over pop music and culture. Back when dance music first was gaining ground, the underground rave scene was where people would go to hear the latest records from DJs all around the world. Each part of the globe had their own distinct style and as time went on, techno would branch out into a multitude of genres that would set the stage for today's dance music.

Modulations is a documentary that tells the story of the beginning of the scene, branching out from disco to the techno revolution and the scratching phenomenon. Interviews with Carl Cox, Derrick May, Giorgio Moroder and more are also mixed in. It's a necessary look back at what made this scene so special in the first place. It was something different that the counter-culture could relate to. We have come a long way since then, but it's important to reflect on how we got here.

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This weekend Nocturnal Wonderland will hold it's 20th Anniversary festival and we here at Magnetic thought it fitting to take you back to how it all began. Yesterday we shared the Nocturnal Wonderland documentary that outlines the progression of that festival. Modulations takes us back to the beginning of the entire movement. Watch the Modulations documentary below and see how much the culture has changed, and also stayed the same.

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