Mr. Fijiwiji Artwork Remix Competition via Monstercat

Mr. Fijiwiji

Earlier this year Mr. Fijiwiji dropped his wildly popular Growing Up EP on Monstercat that saw the budding 19 year old producer take his career to the next level. The Pittsburgh native has a distinct musical style of future-bass, which he calls space music, that has resonated with a generation of fans who gravitate toward deep bass and smooth melodies. We're seeing time and time again that age has no precedent when it comes music production and Mr. Fijiwiji has a bright future ahead of him.

Recently Mr. Fijiwiji and Monstercat announced a remix competition, but not for his music, for his artwork. The cover of the Growing Up EP has seen many variations over the past few months Now, it's only fitting that they hold a competition to see who can be the most creative. The winner's artwork will be selected as the official artwork for the Your's Truly Remix EP and will also receive a Monstercat merch bundle featuring a Monstercat logo tee, Monstercat crewneck sweater, Mr FijiWiji graphic tee, Monstercat X Vitaly chain,  a sticker pack, and an unreleased Monstercat snapback.

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Enter the competition by downloading the artwork stems and submiting your artwork here. Submissions end on September 14th.

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