New Order Gets A 'Restless' Remix from Agoria

New Order


New Order (photo credit: Nick Wilson)

As one of the most recognized pioneers in dance music, New Order are known for their synth experimentation and moody melodies. The band has recently seen a revival with a brand new album, titled Music Complete, forthcoming September 25 via Mute. The lead single from the album is none other than 'Restless', a track filled with the classic emotive New Order style with a more refined touch. They still have their brilliantly simplistic style, but their new work is definitely revitalizing to their sound.

Along with the new album coming at the end of the month they're also offering up selected remixes. Agoria's is the newest one to surface recently that takes 'Restless' and shoves it into the club scene with amped up rhythm, just enough to enhance the track without taking away from the overall feel of the original.

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Listen to Agoria's remix below and also watch the official music video for New Order's 'Restless'.

Pre-order the vinyl box set for Music Completehere.

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