Pioneer Presents New Rekordbox DJ and DDJ-RZ/RX

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Everyones favorite DJ gear company Pioneer has announced the release of their new line of equipment; rekordbox dj and the DDJ-RZ/RX controllers.

Rekordbox DJ:

Almost everyone that DJs is extremely familiar with rekordbox as a program for preparing their music for live performances, but rekordbox 4.0 will bring the possibility of djing directly inside of the program with purchasable rekordbox plus packs. Rekordbox dj features Pioneer's industry defining effects alongside functionalities for touch pads and sequencing samples. The program is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of controllers and players. This also takes advantage of rekordbox 4.0s new advanced browsing functions, including related tracks and wav previews. The release of rekordbox dj allows for pioneer to ensure that every DJ from the CDJ user to the vinyl and computer mixer can flawlessly mix without having to use any other programs.

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DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX Controllers:

Pioneer is known for having extremely solid and professional gear; ranging from their CDJs to their controllers, Pioneer has become a one-stop-shop for any DJ. With the new rekordbox dj program, the DDJ-RZ and RX are designed to work seamlessly with the program without having to deal with any routing issues, just plug-in and play. The controllers layout is familiar to any DJ controller, with two large jog wheels on each side and the mixer and crossfader in the middle. They each closely resemble the CDJ/DJM combination found in most club environments. The controllers have 16 large, back-lit rubber pads for instant hot cues, slicing, and unique pad FX introduced in rekordbox 4.0. The sound effects on the mixer portions resemble to DJM settup but with an added Sound Colour FX section, with effects like Space, Jet, Pitch and Filter. The DDJ-RZ and RX will also work flawlessly with the eventual updates to rekordbox and with each rekordbox plus package there will be new functionalities and FX for the ever evolving DJ that loves to stay ahead of the game.

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All in all, rekordbox 4.0 and the DDJ-RZ/RX controllers are the perfect combo for both new and experienced DJs. They offer the functionality of CDJ/DJM settup but with a reduced price tag and an all-in-one design. Pioneer is known for their quality audio equipment, we'll have to wait and see if these live up to the high standards.

Review by Tyler Robinson

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