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Podcast: This Is What The Rave Scene Looked Like In Los Angeles In The 90s

LA Rave Photographer Michael Tullberg talks about his new book Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land of the Free, Home of The Rave

As EDM Culture continues to explode a lot of the pioneers from the early days are stepping forward with their stories to fill in the gapped history of the underground rave events that helped shape today's scene.  

This October we will see the release of Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land of the Free, Home of the Rave one the most important accounts and bodies of work in Rave history from nightlife photographer Michael Tullberg. 

Tullberg has combed through thousands of images shot at some of the early parties in Southern California, including some of the first EDC's and other legendary raves like JuJu Beats and Narnia. 

If you are an old-schooler looking to reminisce or even a newbie simply looking for a great visual history of your culture, this book is a must have. 

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There will also be a digital companion to the book that will have outtakes and other easter eggs for your enjoyment. 

Tullberg has financed this project entirely through crowd funding and is publishing independently. 

You can order the book online Here. 

The official launch party is happening on October 8th, stop by for a dose of the old school and pick up a copy.

Dancefloor Thunderstorm Party Flyer

Dancefloor Thunderstorm Release Party

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