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Police Drug-Test Clubbers Waiting in Line in Scotland

Drug Test Clubbers in Scotland


Fraserburgh Police swab the hand of someone they suspect has been in contact with drugs. (photo credit: Daily Record)

Anti-drug policy sounds like a good thing, but when the police trample over civil liberties, it can be a problem. That is what seems to be happening in Scotland at the moment as patrons waiting to get into a club have been asked to take an immediate drug test.

Daily Record reported over the weekend that customers have been approached by the police with a hand swab that reveals contact with drugs. If a person refuses the drug test they are not allowed entry to the club and those who have a positive test are questioned and can be searched and arrested.

Drug test police clubbers


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Club patrons waiting in line (photo credit: Daily Record)

The owner of the club, Tony Cochrane, was given 1 hours notice before the police came and began their testing. Police searched 100 people waiting in line and didn't turn up a single positive test. Cochrane states, "I ­support an anti-drug policy but I feel this latest action by Police Scotland is a step too far in regards to civil ­liberties." This does seem to be the case as the UK is seeing a big backlash in their stop-and-frisk policies.

This recent police encounter is a bit excessive and Cochrane feels like it is making criminals out of innocent people. “People going for a night out are being made to feel like potential criminals," Cochrane states, "Anyone who saw a huge team of police with a sniffer dog and a CCTV van would think the club is a trouble spot, which is far from reality."

Police Scotland feel as though this process is carried out with good intentions. "These operations are carried out regularly across the city centre’s licensed premises as part of Police Scotland’s duty to keep people safe." With safety in mind this can be good for society as a whole, but it is still important to not wrongly accuse innocent people. What happened to the phrase, innocent until proven guilty? Clubbers aren't suspects of drug use just because they want to go out and dance and have a good time.

We'll be monitoring the situation in Scotland and inform you on any updates as they arise.

via: Daily Record

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