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Review: Cloud V Platinum Vape Pen

Review: Cloud V Platinum Vape Pen

Used With: Concentrates & Essential Oils

Out of the box, the Cloud V Platinum Vape Pen just feels like a quality item. The packaging resembles that of an iPhone with its beautiful white box and minimal branding, even the font looks a bit Apple-ish, but we won't slight the for that, it's a good thing.

With a retail price of around $80.00 it's not the most expensive vape pen out there but it's not the cheapest either.

The pen comes in six colorways (yellow, white, blue, black, pink, chrome) and a special Galaxy edition that we received to review. The unique Galaxy design features, well, an image of a galaxy that is kind of fresh but not game changing. I like the chrome colorway better but, that's just personal preference.

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In the box, you get a fully assembled vape pen that is small enough to tuck into that little fifth pocket on your Levi's and a nice little case with a USB/Wall charger.

The Platinum model features some solid upgrades over the original like longer battery life, a new heating element, glass window, smaller ceramic bowl (eliminates waste) and a wider mouthpiece. In our opinion, these little tweaks are worth the extra dough, which is around $20 more.

What's cool about the Cloud Platinum is that you can vape with it while it's charging, which you can't do with a lot of models. The wide mouth gives you a bigger hit and the little window lets you see what you are getting into, or what's getting into you, we should say.

The battery also lasted a lot longer than we thought, a fully charged unit lasted almost the whole weekend when used moderately. It also is quite simple to use, just load it up and push the button, and you are rocking. Even your idiot friend Stew could fire this thing up.

After spending some time with it, there is not a lot that we didn't like other than cosmetic stuff. Once you handle it for a little while, it does start to feel a little cheapo and would probably benefit from a nicer finish.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced vape pen that is easy to conceal and is low maintenance the Cloud V Platinum is a good bet. It's VERY easy to conceal, delivers big hits and will go the distance on one charge.

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