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Review: The Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headphone

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Review: The Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headphone

If you are a gamer, then the Razer brand is probably already very familiar to you. We have reviewed several of their pro DJ and consumer headphones, but this is the first time we've messed with one of their gaming models.

The Kraken Pro is not a new headphone in the Razer lineup, but it's one of their most popular mid-tier models and recently has offered up some new colorways and improvements. We reviewed the all black with green highlights.

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Design & Build Quality

Aesthetically the headphone has a clean design that resembles most traditional over-ear consumer music headphones. The headphones come in black, white and bright green colorways, so there is one for every taste almost. I would never leave the house with a pair of neon green headphones but hey, that's just me. The only real bummer with the design is the neon green RAZER spelled out on top of the headband in some lame horror font, but no one will see that unless you are rocking them around town.

As far as the actual build quality the Kraken Pro feels pretty solid and about right for the price point.

Compared to other pro gaming headphones the ear cups are on the smaller side and circular while other models have a bigger oval shape to accommodate larger ears. I had no problem with them, but I'm also used to the smaller cups on traditional consumer audio models. As far as the clamping force they got that just about perfect, not too tight, and the headphones are light enough for extended wear without fatigue.

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I also really like the retractable microphone that slips away when you don't need it, I hate to have removable pieces on my headphones because they are just too easy to lose. The inline volume control and mute button are also really handy.

Review: The Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headphone

Sound Quality

The sound quality is quite good for a unit at this price point, and our model came with a free upgrade surround pro for virtual 7.1 sound. I found the sound to be evenly spaced and clear with just the right amount of bass for playing games to give you an extra bit of excitement in the throws of battle or whatever you may be doing. The 7.1 was interesting and creates kind of a 3D type of sound type of effect that was pretty cool but not even close to a real 7.1 experience.

As far as music goes the Kraken Pro did a pretty good job overall and would probably be adequate for most casual listeners. I tested it with a variety of different genres and found it to perform best with Hip Hop and EDM, the rock was a little tinny in spots and didn't quite get the crisp highs.

The noise leakage was very low so you can play your games without upsetting your roomies if they are nearby.
Should you buy them?

If you are a regular gamer and want a solid pair of headphones that will work for both gaming and listening to music at a price that won't crush your wallet these are a great bet. They have enough great features for gameplay, deliver decent sound quality and are quite comfortable for extended periods of time.

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